Sunday, 25 March 2018

Don't give up on Facebook

You've probably heard these statements from Facebook page owners of late:
"My Facebook reach is down"
"Darn Facebook algorithms not showing our posts to fans"
"Facebook is dying, it's just not worth it"
"I'm just about ready to give up on Facebook"
Don't listen to them, here's why Facebook is definitely worth sticking with:

Reach is not everything
While it's true that Facebook's reach is down, you may not be getting the full picture.  Reach is important but it's not the only sign of a successful business page.
For example, lately like most of you, I've had reduced reach on my page, but looking at my Google analytics, Facebook continues to account for 71% of the traffic to my website, and after all that's what really counts.
I've also found that Facebook's insights are not that accurate - shock horror!  I recently set a tracker on a link shared to Facebook, Facebook's insights showed it as only having 87 clicks, but the URL tracker and website analytics both confirmed that the link had over 800 clicks.

Facebook gives your business credibility
If you are like me and come across a business you may like to deal with, you will look at their Facebook and other Social Media profiles for signs that they are genuine.  A Social Media presence demonstrates to your potential clients that yes, you are a legitimate, current business and you are listening.  

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Does my business really need a Bookkeeper?

Do you have a business?  
  • Yes. You need a bookkeeper. 
  • No.  Stop reading.

No, really just kidding ;) though there is an element of truth to this.  When we start out in business, we rapidly realise that we need to be an instant expert in Marketing, Sales, Accounts, Finances, PR, HR along with actually doing the work and trying make some money!  

Bookkeeping, or more to the point, using proper Accounting software tends to be something many new business owners think they can do without, and honestly they probably can. However, you do have to find some way to invoice your customers, receive payments, pay your bills, track your money and look after those dreaded "taxes".  Makeshift invoicing methods and using Excel spreadsheets or even the old ledger book  work just fine, but how long will it take you each week, month and quarter?  Perhaps that time could be better spent creating income?

The other problem with makeshift books is when it comes to tax time.  Your Accountant will then have to piece your system together before they can lodge with the ATO and unfortunately you will have to pay for that service.  

Setting up and using online Accounting software will save you way more than the $40 odd dollar monthly subscription.  If set up correctly, many of the repeated tasks can be automated, so doing your own books will get faster and easier.  Then, when it comes to tax time, all you do is invite your Accountant into your file where they can glean all the information they need.  No double handling, no doing all the work, then paying someone else to sort it out for you!

So where do I start you ask?  

Friday, 1 December 2017

Making the most of Social Media this Christmas

Christmas is a time of fun, families, friends and festivities but it is also an excellent time for your business to connect with your audience.  
Not sure how?  Here's a few ideas to get you started:

Tips and Tricks
The kind of tips you offer really depend on the type of business you have, for example a grocer could offer food planning, a motor vehicle business could offer tips for preparing for a trip, a Fitness Trainer may offer ways of keeping healthy through the silly season etc. This tips could be contained in a blog (like this one) or daily or weekly facebook posts, tweets or Instagram pics.  Be imaginative but always remember to keep the tips simple and relevant to your business.

In-house Fun and Festivities
I'm not suggesting too many "Office Party" pics but share photos of your staff preparing for Christmas, putting up decorations, wearing silly hats, sharing treats just generally getting into the Christmas spirit.

Ask questions
People love it when you ask them questions.  Again try to make it relevant to your business if you can but even general questions like "What's your favourite childhood Christmas memory?", Christmas pudding - Love it or Hate it?, Do you have any special family traditions you like to do every year? Favourite Christmas food?  Who's ready for Christmas?
Most importantly, don't forget to respond to the answers.

Sneaky sales promotion....

Social Media Content Planner for December

Did you know that 5th of December is World Soil Day? Commemorative days and events, whether they're just a bit of fun like Monkey Day or landmark dates like the Summer Solstice can help you with much needed ideas for your Social Media Content.

December is:
No Gender December

1st December
First Day of Summer
World AIDS Day
Eat a Red Apple Day

2nd December
Perth Christmas Pageant

3rd December
International Day of Persons with Disabilities
Make a Gift Day

4th December 
World Wildlife Conservation Day
Cookie Day

5th December
World Soil Day

6th December
Miners Day
St Nick's Day

9th December
Christmas Card Day
International Shareware Day

10th December
Human Rights Day

14th December
Monkey Day
Last Day of School (Most of WA)

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Social Media Content Ideas for July

Did you know that the 7th of July is Chocolate Day?  Commemorative days and events, whether they're just a bit of fun like Emoji Day or International celebrations like Bastille Day can help you with much needed ideas for your Social Media Content.


 Here are a few for July:

Christmas in July

1st July
First Day of the Financial Year
International Joke Day

2nd July
World UFO Day
I Forgot Day

2nd to 9th July

3rd July
International Plastic Free Day

3rd to 9th July

4th July
Independence Day USA

5th July
Workaholics Day

6th July
International Kissing Day

7th July
Chocolate Day
Tell the Truth Day
Peace and Love Day - Ringo's Birthday

9th to 15th July

10th July
Pina Colada Day
Teddy Bear Picnic Day

11th July
Blueberry Muffin
World Population Day

12th July
Etch A Sketch Day
Simplicity Day

13th July
International Rock Day
Embrace Your Geekness Day

14th July
Shark Awareness Day
Bastille Day

15th July
World Youth Skills Day

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17th July
World Emoji Day
Back to School WA